A Trustworthy collection of Sheet Set On Sale At Economical Price

Sheet sets and Sheet set on sale

Onieo provides a collection of the sheet set and also sheet set on sale. Sheet set includes fitted and flat sheets, pillowcases, decoration pillows like Euro shams and cushions, and bed skirts. Sheet set is with high-quality fabric and durable. It comes in different size sets, and the size of the bed sheet depends on the bed type or mattress sizes of your bed like a twin, double, king, and queen.

In Pakistan, mostly flat sheets used, people do not bother fitted sheets. Some brands collection only provide flat sheets in Pakistan. But bed sheets come in high-quality fabric like cotton and Egyptian cotton.

Long-staple vs. short-staple fiber:

Egyptian cotton sheets are functional and more durable than others because of their long-staple fiber. But the short-staple cotton fiber sheet is also made. The cotton sheet is ventilated and breathable. Easy to manage and machine washed with quick dry.

For a luxurious hotel bedroom look, you can also find silk, velvet, and satin sheets in Onieo with a reasonable price range. Silk, velvet sheet is suitable for cold sleepers and traps the body's heat and instantly warm up the body. These sheets are useful in the winter chill environment.

Sheet sets on sale

 Sheet sets on sale also start in two times in a season, start or the end of a season.

  • Summer and spring collection of sale set up in April and May at the beginning and the end of the season begins in October.
  • Winter sale starts in November at the beginning of the season and in March when winter is about to end. Sheet sets on sale have a variety of designs like floral, patterns, stripes in vertical and horizontal, and in a palate of different shades of colors. Sheet set with natural color look fabulous and elegant in the room and mostly preferable by people.

Special Days Sales and offers:

Onieo also launches sheet sets on sale on some special days in Pakistan like 14th August every year, Azadi sale lunches. Like Azadi, Eid and Shab-e-Barat sale even begin. Happy New Year sale also setup throughout a week. Some US days also celebrate in Pakistan like Black Friday. Black Friday sale celebrate on the fourth Thursday of November, A Thanksgiving Day. It was set up for the 15 days in Pakistan.