A High-Quality, Comfortable Duvet Cover to Elevate Slumber

what is Duvet Cover?

Duvet Cover is the covering of duvet. It is a protective casing of duvet, secure it from stains, stain, oil or other spills. Just like pillow case, duvet covers also act as a hygienic protection layer. It is most visible part in bedding. But easy to care, wash, dry but are expensive. Now duvet covers comes in duvet cover having cover and pillow shams with it. and you can also browse duvet set super king at Onieo.


 Duvet covers also have the functionality of decoration, with different design and colours or pattern, enhance the beauty of room and look stunning, stylish and lavish. Heavier duvet use in winter and lighter in summer. It gives off a finish look in your bedding.


How to choose right duvet cover and things under observation while buying a duvet cover? Several things that comes in buying while purchasing duvet cover. But Onieo helps you in them because you don’t need to worry about material and size variation, it give you a great quality and exact size of duvet cover. Follow are some recommendation while you shop.


Duvet cover made with natural fibre and comes in different fabric like cotton, Polyester or mixture of both. Cotton is lightweight, breathable and evaporated so make you cool and relax. Polyester blend enhance the further functionalities in duvet cover like durability, wrinkle resister, water proof etc.

Thread Count:

Thread count is the no of weft and warp thread in a square inch, if weft yarns are 100 and wrap yarn are also 100 then total TC is 200. Actually TC is the factor of softness and durability in a fabric. Higher the TC, higher the fabric quality.

Onieo provide you duvet covers with 300-400 with 100 % long staple fibre with sateen and percale weave.


Duvet cover designs for standard mattress sizes like twin, full, double, queen and king. But before buy it is good to measure your bed and purchase a duvet cover that is perfect and exact as duvet size. Exact duvet cover snug fit to your mattress.


Because of 100% cotton, you can easily machine washed with gentle cycle and cold water. But it is good to read care instruction in the label. Silk covers required dry-cleaning.

Only also provides the export quality duvet cover that fulfill the ISO standards of quality, high quality an durable. Deliver in good packaging and in-time.