Cotton Duvet Set Super King — Dimensions And Items Compositions.

Duvet Set Super King

 Duvet is the soft quilt or a blanket with down. It has three layers, upper layer of a fabric sheet, a down layers and a bottom layer. Upper and bottom layers are the fabric called duvet cover. Down is actually feathers, wool, silk, polyester fill like micro-poly fibre. This fills is highly insulating and make you cool as well as warm depends upon air pockets. Air pockets cause ease in breath-ability.

what is Duvet Cover? Why it is used?

 Duvet Cover is the soft flat bad like pillow that is the covering of the duvet. It is the protective and decorative layer that beautify you bedroom like a luxurious bedding in hotel, moreover protect the duvet from spill, dirt or other stuff. Duvet cover are in different variety and colours available in Onieo. You can also find Duvet Set super king at Onieo.

In Onieo, Duvet cover are with ease of button, snaps or zipper to keep it fit and in place.

Pieces of Duvet set:

Duvet set also available in Onieo with different pcs. Duvet set includes duvet, duvet cases, flat sheet, pillow cases, shams covers, decor pillow cases, and neck roll case with different in price ranges.

Sizes of duvet cover:

 Duvet set available in all sizes. Onieo also launches Duvet set super king with the dimension of 260 x 220 cm (102 inches x 86 inches approx.) for the mattress size of 150 x 200 cm (59 inches x 78inches approx.) Duvet set super king with the thread count of 200-400 with 100% cotton or blend with polyester that enhance the durability, softness and quality of a fabric.

Duvet set available in different fabric like cotton, silk, velvet, and polyester blend. But best fabric material is cotton. It is soft and breathable. It doesn’t trap heat and moisture so it is not overheated but feel relax, cosy, cool and evaporated.

Duvet set super king Care:

  • Duvet set super king are anti-allergic and bio-degradable.
  • It can be machine washed at cold water with gentle cycle
  • it is not shrink after wash.
  • It is wrinkle-prone fabric, so need to iron at low temperature.