A Complete Guide To An Export Quality Duvet Cover.

Duvet Covers

Duvet covers are the protected linen like a bag, for duvets. They are used to wrap or cover the duvet covers. It help to save duvet form dirt and other things.

Export Quality Duvet Cover

At Onieo, you can find export quality duvet cover that maintains and meets standard of quality for export in different foreign countries. Onieo maintains the high level of quality duvet set, to sure better sale all over the world. For foreign sales it’s important to check and have quality control of duvet covers. Onieo provide wide range of export quality duvet cover in terms of fabric, yarn, construction of fabric, color, designs and finishes of it.

Quality Issuance:

Quality defines in term of particular cost. Quality fitness of the duvet cover also based on several factors.

  • Preference,
  • Durability
  • Reliability
  • Visual quality

ISO Standard of quality:

ISO-9000 is the national regulatory quality programs, lays down some quality parameter, so our companies maintains the export quality duvet covers.

  • Some fabric quality that takes into measure that take into consideration of making export quality duvet covers. Like overall looking, softness, physical property, colour, finishes and presentation of duvet covers.
  • Onieo ensure you to provide good quality duvet cover, in-time delivery, with reasonable price, good packaging and presentation. Our catalogue duvet covers matches with the final delivered duvet covers. Duvet covers with high standard quality delivered with proper documentation and labels. And quality must match with our given sample.

Good quality enhance the value of product, services and brand name off course. It also build up good relationship with exporters and satisfactory result for the customers and benefits for our Pakistan’s exports. To achieve the desire level of satisfaction of customers, Onieo provides a standard quality of duvet covers with 100% cotton in wide collection of colour, designs and styles.