Kitchen Linen — A Need Of Every Housewife. Why Use Tea Towels?


The home decoration and textile industry launch many varieties of products. For example, bed sheets, Baby blankets, Curtains and Kitchenware, etc. Ever-increasing beautiful products in Kitchenware like kitchen linen, dining table linen set, etc. Kitchen linen is something that is the requirement of every homemaker and has 5-10 % of total industry sales. Kitchen Towels are versatile, functional and essential at every corner of the kitchen. Chefs mostly prefer kitchen textile that is durable, inexpensive and stands up against the strain. 


Linen tea towels are said to originate in 18-century in England, where a housewife used it for cleaning china dishes. Kitchen linen is also called linen tea towels. Now, most people think that linen tea towels are terry towels or have something to do with tea, but it's not the case. It is a towel in cotton or linen fabric, and they are meant to be used for drying dishes after cleaning.

Quality and Fabric

Making the right selection of towels is necessary. To purchase good material of kitchen linen depends on where you use it. The most preferred materials are cotton, microfiber, and linen towels. They are good at absorbing water or removing the mess, strain-free and durable. Make sure that the fabric performs its purpose. You can't use a towel for various tasks, therefore, buy extra towels. For example, you need to dry vegetables and fruits though you cannot serve together with one towel. 

Usage of Kitchen Linen or Dish Towels.

We use kitchen linen for multi-purpose, not only cleaning but also for covering baked items, bread Dough, Spin salad, tea cosy, table covers and shelf or drawer liners. Here we discuss some kitchenware towels below.

  • Linen Dish Towels: 

Linen dish towels are lint-free and soft and have the highest absorption power. They are mostly used in cleaning and drying wet dishes and utensils. Most come in cotton fiber and natural in color.

  • Linen Tea Towels:

Linen tea towels are used to wrap food, dry and clean them. They are Also used in Hot-pots. They are durable and lighter in weight, s choose the fabric that is lighter in weight.

  • Dining Table Linen Set:

A dining table linen set was used to protect the table by covering them. They are also used as decoration. Mostly linen is in cotton, or synthetic fabric can be easily washed. The dining table linen set includes table cover, chair cover, plate base matt, serviettes, etc. Table cover and chair cover for covering chairs whereas plate base matt is under plates for table protection. And serviettes for wiping face during eating.

  • Shelf Drawer and Cabinet Liners:

Liners comes in different pattern, design, colours, style and embroider also. These are also used in the kitchen for covering shelves, drawers and cabinets to protect them. They look beautiful and also include in Kitchen décor. Liners available in the market and comes in synthetic fabrics.

Importance of Maintain Kitchenware:

For a Healthy environment, cleaning, washing, drying, and ironed kitchen towels are unavoidable. Also, make sure to place them in dry and in a proper manner. Place clean towels in the closet. Clean and dry them after use daily. Wrapping towels must be washed daily because they are used to cover the meal, bread dough, hotpots, etc.