Tips For Purchasing Baby Swaddles — Types Of Baby Blankets

A Comfortable and secure bedding for your baby:

Every newbie's companion ‘blanket’ that make a baby comfortable and secure. Security and comforters of a newborn are the priority of every mother. Even many babies not ready to sleep without it. Therefore buying a baby blanket is necessary. There are many versatile and multi-functional blankets in Markets with different brands. If you want to buy a blanket for your newborn, try to prefer the suitable one for baby as they are so sensitive. There are many different types and styles of the baby blanket in Pakistan. Selection of the right one that is feasible for baby is a task. It is easy to purchase if you know about the types of baby blankets.

Blanket Types and Quality fabric:

As you know different types of baby blankets are available in the market. Then you should also know about the functionalities of these blankets. Some are in cotton fabric made for summer use, some cosy and warm made for winter use. Some secure your baby and some are for baby’s baby cot bed. Below I’ll discuss about these types and functionalities.

  1. Receiving Blankets:

As its name ‘receiving blankets’ describe that it mostly used in a nursery, to receive the baby at birth, it’s a welcoming blanket. After birth, the nurse comes with your newborn, capture him with this blanket. However, the design for receiving the baby during birth. This blanket also has other functionalities, it is used also every purpose like a play mat, swaddling, feeding, etc. These are lightweight and eco-friendly, mostly comes in cotton, fleece, and flannel and muslin fabric. As for size concern, they come in both square and rectangle.

  1. Security Blankets:

Security blankets design to make your toddlers secure and comfortable. They are made of extra soft material like fleece and mostly are in stuffed animal attached, animals like elephant, mouse, lamb and giraffe.

  1. Swaddling Blankets:

Swaddling blankets used to wrap the baby tightly, baby assume that he still in mommy’s tummy. It covers the top body of the baby. Baby blankets made from cuddly flannel with Velcro fastener. Velcro fastener is the only purpose of this blanket. The material used for swaddle wrap is in Muslin. They arrive largely in size and square-shaped. In Swaddling blankets, Babies feel confident and relax. Baby swaddle prevents your baby from scratching tiny nails. It’s very easy to change baby diapers with the partially un-wrapping baby body.

  1. Crib Blankets or Quilt:

Crib blankets use in baby bedding and also in baby room decoration. You place them on mattress or hang them for décor. Mostly found in fleece and large. These are casually used at home.

  1. Sleep Sack:

The sleep sack is like sleeping bags also called wearable blankets. During sleep, toddler’s kicks-off their regular blankets, so they design like envelop. This blanket has armholes and neck hole. Air flows well that neither too warm nor cold at night.

Buying Tips for New Mothers:

  1. Pay attention to fabric: When you buy a baby blanket, make sure that blankets are neither too harsh, nor too soft and breathable for baby. Also blanket is not in synthetic fibre.
  2. Climate factors: In Pakistan climate varies, so keep more than one blanket, use lightweight in summer and thicker in winter.
  3. Keep Safety in minds: When you buy a blanket, make sure there is no chemical in fabric. So no allergic reaction in the baby’s sensitive and delegate skin.
  4. Choosing right size: Select the blanket that is not too short, not completely warm at cold night and not too large to overwhelm to the child.
  5. Easy to clean: Lastly, try to buy a blanket that is machine washable and quick dry. That saves you precious time and effort.

I hope that this article is helpful to you guys. Now you can visit baby blankets to get your desire online blankets in Pakistan at Onieo. Also, check other valuable sections.