Joggar Pants, Pakistan - A New Fashion Styles

the hottest and current trend :  style &  Swag

When talking about jogger pants, aka sweatpants, are more casual pants. Some people wear them with dress pants, jeans or formal look but in my opinion jogger pants are more casual to them. It looks homely and unattractive going to formal occasions and events with them.

If you go office with jogger pants, it is displeasing and give a negative connotation to the office environment. You seem like a joker.

As jogger pants pakistan  are more casual, usually wear in gyms with a tank top, t-shirts and functional t-shirts. Or some people wear it as street style or at home. Try to choose jogger pants with sneakers, but it works great with functional sneakers like Nike, Adidas, and rebook.

Traditionally, jogger pant is considered as an enemy of the fashion world, it is called a sign of defeat. But now, it’s a part of fashion, and trending in lockdown during coronavirus. AS most people used to work from home and need casual, easy and comfortable denim jeans pant.

Currently it the hottest new trend in menswear fashion. It is not only used for jogging but to show off the expensive shoes. It is not only the symbol of sneaker culture but also found in boutiques.

Designs of jogger pants:

Fashion designers also considered and attracted to denim jogger pants, and introduced a collection of functional jogger pants Pakistan. Here is some list of them.

  1. Bodybuilding 
  2. Workout pants
  3. Pocket pencil pants
  4. Actica pants
  5. Streetwear ribbon casual
  6. Exercise pants

Their names give you a conclusion about these functional pants. All of them in cotton denim. Denim, as you know, are the jeans fabric, exported from China. These come in different styles and colours. And liked by the youth of Pakistan.

How to style a jogger pants:

Some tips to follow to style jogger pants. No need to put your best foot forward, when you go to the grocery store or running chores, but look stylish and comfortable. It’s all about buying the right gear. 

  • Try to choose that fit with your physique does not look baggy somehow.
  • You choose like all day, everyday sweatpants with elasticity, look super conformable.
  • Not loose like pyjamas and not too tight. Choose that fit your legs, waist and good through thighs.

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