Denim Jeans Pants – A Fashion Icon & Now In Commonplace.

Denim Jeans Pants

Nowadays, Denim jeans pant  become the symbol of modelling and admired by well-known Fashion Models. Most fashion magazines publish some photos of denim jeans worn by models. Not only models but also publicize by celebrities throughout the world.

Gwyneth Paltrow, a well-known actress, wearing denim jeans in New York fashion show. Later on, denim jeans also called ‘Gwyneth jeans’.

Also, Levi Stravss and lee cooper launched their signature brands about jeans, Levi Stravss & co. launches their new product DENIZEN jeans – Bold and Flexible, favourable by all.

Pakistani actors and celebrating are rocking and flashing the denim trend also, for bold and classic looks in winter. Fawad Khan and Mehvish carrying the denim jeans in most events and the casual day.

Origination of Denim jeans & why Designer Reinvent Denim Jeans?

  • Denim has a culture stand from the last 150 years. And still used. Firstly denim fabric used just to make tents and horse covers.
  • In the 18th century, First time, denim as jeans saw in western-Hollywood cowboy movies.
  • In the 50’s, denim jeans first used for farm workers etc. They want pants that withstands hardwork, not easily torn and no need of a wash.
  • In the 60’s, denim return as a hip-huggers aka bellbottoms, wear by disco boys.
  • In the 80’s denim draws the attention of fashion designers, they not only made different styles of denim pants but also other appeals and accessories


  • Now In 20’s, denim jeans becomes a fashion trend, also in the commonplace.

Fabric & Production of denim into Jeans pant.

Denim actually is a fabric used for denim pants. The word ‘Denim’ originates from the French ‘Serge de Nîmes’. It is a twill fabric, cotton twill textile used the weft passes underneath two or more warp threads. Weft threads are in indigo while warp in white, give two shades on either side of the fabric.

Given are some fabric making ‘denim’ to ‘denim jean’ product steps.

  • Cultivation: It first cultivates from cotton plants, Fibres collection from the cotton balls around seeds.
  • Yarn Processing: After cultivation, next to make light but strong strings of that fibres by drawing. Then, spun into yarn using textile machines and apply washes, dying and other finishes.
  • Final Production: Now, weaves the fabric by interconnecting yarn. After making denim fabric, consumers used it for making denim jeans, also other products.


All denim are jeans?

All jeans are denim however not all denim are jeans! Denim now is a fashion fabric, not only jeans, denim use to make different varieties of Appeals and other accessories.

Denim appeals include jackets, shorts, leggings, skirts, vests, pants and blouses.

And denim accessories cover cap, shoes, purses, Hats, belts and other home wears.

Not just these but also Art in Denim, ‘Ian Berry’- he’s a jean-ius, a British artist work with different shades and layers of denim in his portraits and scenes.

Why people prefer to wear jeans that pants?

Because it is versatile, durable, last longer and no need of a wash after use. People feel more comfortable in jeans. It’s easy to do multiple style with 1 jeans. Currently, jeans with jogger trend develop in Pakistan. People choose to style, jeans with white joggers.

People not only wear blue jeans but also white and black jeans, it’s a common trend in Pakistan. As you know, jeans are unisex (gender Neutral), wearable for both men and women.

Justin: Don’t let the pant wear you, wear the pant!!!

Choosing jeans over pant is logical and sound reasonable, it’s not easily torn, more comfortable.

It is expensive but long-lasting than other pants and trousers.


Denim jeans pant now a symbol of counter-culture, a demanding and desirable fashion icon, but also common. People love to wear denim jeans pant and joggar pants Pakistan.