Fantastic Design And Style Of Ladies Dresses in Pakistan.


Let’s discuss some top Pakistani Ladies dresses in trend. Currently, different Pakistani brands give collections and make their trend, we say that every outfit and style is on-trend.

 The style, colour and jewellery they choose by designers in lawn 2021 seems, done before in past. The way of style dupatta in gotta and Kiran, kurta in taariz, and plachi and net embroidery dresses. If you go in past, just 20 years, you have seen them there. Than what designer do?

They make dresses in old fashion with a new style. They combine different cultural style and made new things like shalwar to trouse, churidar pyjama to tulip and capris.

Functional dresses:

Dresses show its function.

  • A uniform of student, nurse, police, court uniform etc., made by functional needs.
  • A dress for home is different, a dress used to wear while going outside.
  • Choice of clothing for event and parties dresses are different from office dress.
  • Even it depends upon circumstances. Women in bikini at the beach will never wear it on the street, people scan her like a fool.


In past, Clothes defined to protect oneself from climate and environment. Prevent the body from sun and windburn, blow dust, rain and insects. But clothes from start leads to social trends and rituals. They have laws about wearing clothes. Cloth defines their power of in charge at that time.

Seniors and elder’s opinion about modesty is different, they have object about new trend and fashion in ladies dresses. The shocking news of not wearing dupatta on heads denotes immodest behavior of a girl.


Modern Trend in ladies dresses Pakistan and Fashion industries:

What to wear and what to not? Girls never compromise on dresses, she wants a new, beautiful and different look in up-coming events.

Climates change happen in Pakistan, 4 seasons come and goes, and girls have to rearrange her closet after every season. In summer and spring, most girls need to wear light fabric like lawn, chiffon and cotton that gives soft and protect her. She mostly wears shalwar kameez and dupatta, Kurti trouser, tops are of ladies shirt designs Pakistan at Onieo.