Spectacular Ideas to Choose Curtains for Bedroom

 An Ultimate Guide to Window Treatments.

Are you wandering around to buy good and elegant curtains for bedroom? Don’t worry!

There are several factors to be considered while choosing the curtains. Curtains can enhance your room decoration, Make your room look beautiful.

You can block the sunlight coming into your room or stabilize the temperature of your room by hanging curtains or drapery in the room. Also, curtains for bedroom are used to maintain privacy.

Today, we’ll be looking at in detail about curtains for the bedroom.

 Difference between curtains and drapes:

There are still some people, who don’t even know the difference between curtains and drapes. Interior designers interchange and mix these words as they are same, well! They are not.

 Curtains are casual, informal window treatment, hung with a rod by tabs. The curtains are in light fabric, transparent fabric and they filter out some light. Some people prefer blinds and shades with curtains. Curtains are short, in window-length or kitchen shelf-length. Curtains are mostly in sheer fabric.  

On the contrary, drapes aka drapery, are formal and they are sewed & lined usually hand-drawn. They are long in the wall - length and are in heavy and stuffed fabric. They look good in master bedroom or for men’s bedroom.

Color combination and Curtains Designs & Print:

Before buying bed curtains, you must understand your bedroom first. From bed sheet color to window size, wallpaper pattern to color, carpet color and some other decorative material for color contrast, everything matters when you start looking for the appropriate bed curtains.

 If your room has Natural single color like white, beige and off-white, you should prefer curtains with light colours either in solid or pattern. It looks relaxing and gives the illusion of more space if your room is small in size.

But if your room is big, double-height or grand, prefer dark color of the drapes, it looks dramatic. Using subtle prints in deep solid, adds both depth and color to your room.

 If you are decorating a baby’s room, use curtains white horizontal strips or choose a single picture design like triangle, circle, and giraffe prints.

 If you are styling a room for little princesses, use ruffle bow or tutu curtains, they look stunning. For these curtains, you should prefer the pink color or gold. Use of Silk fabric in a princess’s room gives an adorable and shiny look to it.

Why curtains are always used for windows?

 Nope, they are not only used for window treatments, but also as divider form one part of room to other. You can also use panels for the ceiling - door, to make it look luxurious, and also to separate bath tub in the bathroom.

 Fabric and material selection:

When it comes to material and fabric of the curtains, Cotton, Silk, Linen, Voile, Lace and velvet are best for window treatments.

  • Calico, Gingham, Glazed are cotton fabric mostly used for curtains, they are light weight and look bright and dramatic. They are easy to wear and washable.
  • Satin curtains are pure silk and expensive. It is closely woven, hard wearing, but looks shiny, elegant and suitable for every room.
  • Velvets are the biggest window treatment trend. Velvet drapes are soft and super stylish. They are available in different varieties and styles in the market.

Since every room is unique and has its own authentic vibe, it is important that the curtains selected should also go with that vibe. Even-if they are sheer or dark, printed or in a pattern, cotton / silk or velvet, they need to be perfect fit for your room. The color highly effects your room’s decoration. So, buy curtains or drapes while keeping your room’s style and color in mind.